Metro Phoenix Chapter APA – September Meeting

September 19, 2017

5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Notetaker: Courtney Buchanan, Secretary

New members: none

Wendy’s update:

  • Wendy inquired if any members had stories to share about their National Payroll Week activities
  • Chea Dunning has volunteered to step in as Vice President
  • Our chapter is looking for a Social Media person to keep the Facebook page updated and to look into creating a LinkedIn page
  • The chapter annual membership is due this month, please make a payment promptly
  • Bring Your Boss Day: Wendy encouraged the chapter to select a month in which we bring our bosses to the monthly meeting. This will give our leaders an opportunity to become familiar with what it is we do each month.  We could explore a discounted price for two, perhaps $40

Courtney then asked for:

  • Feedback about the frequency of invitations, as well as their timing. The group agreed on notification of meetings one week in advance; a reminder is unnecessary
  • Suggestions regarding meeting topics – if you have a particular topic you wish the chapter to present, please send your suggestions to

Wendy began the presentation for “Managing a Payroll Department”