Membership Information

Benefits of your membership in the Metro Phoenix Chapter of the American Payroll Association:

  • Chapter Meetings – The monthly chapter meetings are an excellent source of information and exchange between professionals. We provide educational seminars, special programs and qualified speakers.
  • Continuing Education Units – Our meetings will qualify for CEUs. These continuing education units can be used toward re-certification for Certified Payroll Professionals.
  • Payroll Professional Status – One of the greatest benefits of attending our meetings is the professional status you will achieve through this organization. The chapter provides a source of professional interaction and involvement and a place to share ideas and techniques. The chapter will be enhanced by what you can provide to its members and likewise you will gain useful information to be carried over into your profession.
  • Opportunity – You will have the opportunity to develop and share leadership skills.
  • Group Discussions – Discussion in problem solutions, current legislation, new technology, etc, will give you the tools you need to stay in compliance and will also keep you informed.
  • CPP Program Workshops – The American Payroll Association has instituted a Payroll Professional Certification program giving recognition to payroll as a measurable professional function. Our local association has a study group that meets bi-weekly, will focus on the areas covered on the CPP exam and is led by qualified CPPs.

Dues are $50.00 per year, with renewal date September 1 each year.

  • For new members, the pro-rated membership fee is – Jan-Mar:  $37.50; Apr-Jun:  $25.00; Jul-Aug:  $12.50
  • Renewal memberships are $50 per year .  Please make check payable to “METRO PHOENIX APA”.


Please give the Membership Application and your payment to the registrant at the meeting or mail to:

Metro Phoenix Chapter of the American Payroll Association
10025 N 28th Place
Phoenix, AZ 85028

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